We are a highly motivated and entirely voluntary group of interested people in the vicinity of Bamberg in the middle of Germany. We have set ourself the goal, to assist the poorest of poor and needy people, especially in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu (see the page "Where we help"), in form of individual sponsorships for children. You get a photo and information about "your" sponsored child and his family. Your (and our) assistance also extends to kindergarten, school partnerships, food assistance, land acquisition, building houses etc. We want to help people out of their sometimes hopeless situation and give them our help to help themselves. We want them to create their own basis for a new perspective on life and help them to find new ways to live.

Since several years (see "history") we are active in various projects. We enjoy the great advantage that we know for many years Rev. Jeremias from Tamil Nadu and have learned to appreciate him. He coordinates all our activities on site as our "field worker", we consult him about new projects, and he is our competent partner in south India, to whom we can put our full confidence. Father Jeremias is always available for us and keeps us up-to-date. He in turn comes once a year to Germany during the holiday season as an assistant priest. The good connection to Pastor Jeremiah has finally led to a very trusting and friendly coexistence.

Every year several members out of our association, interested supporters and sponsors of our activities and projects - at one's own personal expense - travel to Tamil Nadu. There we collect informations on the efficient use of our resources and even personally learn to know our godchildren. There is no one coming back home from there without being convinced of the necessity of our work and being deeply touched by the gratitude of the people living there. Moreover at the same time the certitude is grown that your and our aid fall on fertile ground and just to the right place. The people in South India present us and our hearts with their human warmness, laughter and friendly and cheerful disposition.

 The entire work of our association would have none or only a modest positive effect, if you as interested people, as furtherers, as patrons or as members would not help us constantly active to realize our projects.

Therefore we want to take this opportunity - on behalf of our children and the people of South India -  to thank you very sincerely and to ask you to continue being interested, involved and supporting us.

Thank you! - Gerhard Albert

Please note: It is very important for us to point out that your donations get to 100% for the needy people in southern India. The unavoidable costs for our association's expenses (e.g. postage, flyers, paper, internet, ...), we completely cover through membership fees. Other members are therefore warmly welcome. The overhead money from the membership fees will fully added to the donations.