In our gallery you will see, among others, pictures of our current projects. These are originals that we have shot personally on site. They each contain a brief caption and description. For detailed text information please refer to the menu selection ''how we help''- thematically divided in the same order.

At first, for all projects we have to recognize the interelations and foresee the consequences. Finally we have to identify and solve the corresponding organizational challenges. The main issue that confronts us is always the procurement of the needed money: This can be specifically for a house, a school uniform, a property, the expansion of a school, a kindergarten, a small loan to women's groups, nutritional support for the elderly destitute people or an entire village - as in the case of our newly established leprosy village - and so on.

Again, while helping we depend especially on your help as interested people, supporters, sponsors, godparents, active helpers ...

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